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The Search for a Financial Advisor

Find the Best Financial Advisor for You

Trust is the foundation of a successful, lasting relationship with your financial advisor, a relationship that will provide you with the highest probability of achieving your financial goals.  You, the client, must be able to trust that your financial advice is both professional and objective.  Neither of these attributes, professionalism and objectivity, by themselves are sufficient to ensure that you will receive the best possible financial guidance.

On the one hand, financial planners that, on paper, have lots of credentials and an impressive educational background may also have conflicts of interest that hamper their ability to objectively apply their skills to your situation.  For example, your best interests may not be the only or first priority for a financial planner who works on a commission basis, or as a representative of a broker/dealer or insurance company.

On the other hand, some financial advisors may minimize conflicts of interest by practicing under a Fee-Only business model and by committing to a fiduciary obligation to clients, but lack the financial experience, education and training necessary to foster your trust in the wisdom of their financial advice. You may then have faith in their motives, but question their competence.

Only an investment advisor whom you trust is both professional and objective will inspire in you the confidence to stay the course when times get tough in the financial markets.  And only a financial planner whom you trust to provide both well-reasoned and unbiased advice will give you peace of mind when it's time to tackle your most important financial questions. 

That's the Five Seasons Difference ... Objective. Professional. Advice.

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