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Articles on Wealth Management Topics

Retirement Risks Are Mounting in 2021

Several recent surveys indicate that inflation has now overtaken the pandemic as the primary concern among investors and retirees. Allianz's 2020 Retirement Risk Readiness Study concluded that 57% of Americans are worried that inflation will make basic retirement expenses unaffordable. If in fact inflation does re-emerge after decades of benign behavior, it will be particularly damaging for those close to, or in, retirement.

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The SECURE Act Changes the Landscape for Tax-Efficient Retirement Planning

Since March, COVID stories have dominated the headlines, and unprecedented financial market volatility has grabbed the attention of investors. As a result, it's been easy to forget that one of the most far-reaching pieces of legislation to affect the financial planning landscape in more than a decade was passed just before the pandemic struck. The SECURE Act, or Setting Every Community Up for Retirement Enhancement Act, contains provisions that impact saving for retirement, estate planning, retirement distribution strategies, tax planning, debt management, and retirement plan administration.

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